Front Of Oaklands Building
View Over Hythe Towards Sea

Hythe, the Head Cinque Port, is set on the beautiful Kent coast where the quiet charm of many of the Cinque Port towns belies their important and sometimes violent role in the development of the nation’s seafaring and naval traditions.

Some survive as working ports. Indeed, Dover is a major international transport hub, others, like Hastings, maintain their historic role as centres of inshore fishing. New Romney, Winchelsea and Tenterden, in particular, have been stranded well inland by the retreating sea.

It is sometimes hard to believe that all were once amongst the most significant ports in England but by the 21st century, most of the Cinque Port towns have diversified well beyond their seafaring origins, but all repay the visitor with fascinating glimpses of their colourful past and its continuing influence upon the local, regional and national identity.

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A New Strategic Plan for Hythe

The last business plan for Hythe was drawn up in 1997, and it has been reviewed and renewed every five years since. The business plan was formed following a consultation exercise undertaken in 1997 by Hythe Town Council called “Hythe 1997: An Appraisal”.  The business plan has not been completely renewed for over 20 years, so it is time to give Hythe an update and modern plan.

To enable us to agree a business plan, we need to agree a strategic direction or strategic plan for Hythe, which will inform the business plan and the subsequent revisions. So, for example if, strategically, we agree to spend more money on landscaping and gardening, then the business plan needs to account for that strategic intention.

To allow us to agree a strategic plan, we have canvassed the opinions held by the people of Hythe. In doing this we completed three steps:

  1. Gather people’s opinions to give us a general quantitative analysis.
  2. Consult with people at meetings to gather detailed opinions and ideas, to give us a qualitive analysis.
  3. Prepare a “draft strategic plan” and consult again.

Strategic Plan for Hythe Draft Document

We then carried out the face to face consultations and the thoughts and opinions of the people who participated have been included in the draft Strategic Plan.

We are ready to present the draft Strategic Plan for Hythe.

The draft plan will be on the Hythe Town Council web site to read and comment on for approximately 6 weeks. We will then take the comments and prepare the Final Strategic Plan for Hythe to be put forward at a meeting of the Full Council, likely to be mid to late summer 2022.

Please do feel free to make any comments, suggestions or observations to admin@hythe-tc.gov.uk – we want to hear everything that the people of Hythe are saying.

Strategic Plan for Hythe Draft Document

Thank you,

Hythe Town Councillors

Fishermans Beach Art Project

S.106 Fishermans Beach Art Project

Hythe Town Council recently invited proposals for a major public work of art to be installed in the Princess Diana Sensory Garden, Oaklands Park, Stade Street, Hythe, Kent.

Brief: The funding for a public work of art was provided to HTC by the developer at Fishermans Beach, in Hythe.

Update 25th March 2022. – All submissions are now in and a consultation will now commence over the following weeks.

All votes will be counted and presented to the Finance and General Purposes Committee to be considered.

Voting ceased at midnight on Sunday 15 May 2022.

A recommendation will be made at the next Full Council Meeting on 23 June 2022, through the Finance and General Purposes Minutes.


Hythe Town Council Community News Letter


Please follow the link below to read our Spring Edition of the Hythe Town Council Community Newsletter

HTC Community Newsletter

Coronavirus (COVID-19)



There are three Folkestone & Hythe District community hubs that have been set up to support our community and to provide assistance to those who need it for things such as food and medicine deliveries. Any queries around main District Council services or other issues should be directed to the main FHDC helpline:

01303 761116     Covid-19@folkestone-hythe.gov.uk

Please also check FHDC website for other information:


Folkestone Community Hub: 01303 316186 or email Covid-19@3hsp.co.uk

Hythe Community Hub: 01303 269602 or email Covid-19@ageukhl.org.uk

Romney Marsh Community Hub: 01797 208590 or email Covid-19@rmdc.org.uk