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Unity Hands 01.06.20

01 June 2020

Naomi Slade – Mayor of Hythe

Wow! What an honour this is: to have been elected as the new Mayor of Hythe.

I was born and grew up here and am so proud to call it my home.

I know some people might like me to write a little more about myself, but I’m sure people will get to know me over time.

I feel the most important thing to say right now is echoing off the huge heartfelt thanks that our previous Mayor, Douglas Wade, has given to all those working tirelessly to support our communities locally and nationally, during the Covid-19 crisis.  Where would we be without you?!

The people of Hythe really are amazing. I’ve heard that a crisis brings out the best and worst in people, but I’ve only seen the best!

On that note, just a reminder that it’s never too late to get involved in volunteering at one of our ‘Local Community Support Hubs’, ‘The Salvation Army’, ‘The NHS Volunteer Responders Scheme’ or ‘The Good Samaritans’… (to name just a few). Also, food banks need donations now more than ever, and not just food, but nappies, sanitary items, toiletries and cleaning products.

We all have our parts to play, some can find time to volunteer, others can afford to donate and for some, it’s their time to be supported. The people of Hythe have already done so much, please think twice before passing judgment on others, this crisis has affected everyone differently, and we need to remember we are all in this together.

The current crisis means that I am not able to get out and about to meet people personally, but this will happen in time. Until then, I hope to do more on-line with the Mayor’s blog and Facebook etc.

I really hope everyone is as happy and safe as they can be

Sending love and well wishes to all

Naomi Slade