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02 November 2020

Last year, Councillor Jenni Hawkins and I spoke about how great it would be for Hythe to have a beach clean station; this is a board, complete with litter pickers that encourages visitors to perform a short beach clean before heading home. Little did we know that our amazing local resident, India Pearson was revving up for an epic mission to raise funds to buy one…

On 19th June India set off on a mammoth 12 hour journey, stand up paddle boarding the entire length of The Royal Military Canal, all the way from Rye to Seabrook. Whilst on her epic journey, she collected all the rubbish she found along the way.

India said she found some rather crazy things; asides from the obvious cans, crisp packets and plastic bottles, she retrieved a tyre, 3 big oil containers and a toy boat! However, the most surprising thing India found was a full neoprene Fisherman’s wader suit, with attached wellington boots. Apparently this was still in good condition, so India contacted Lorna Doyle, a designer from Deal who rescues wetsuits and transforms the waste material into bags. Lorna was delighted to take in the waders; you can see some of her work here: www.lorna-doyle.com

On completing this journey, India collected £725 in sponsorship for the charity ‘2 minute foundation’, go check them out at https://beachclean.net. This huge donation to the charity means we now have our very own ‘2 Minute Beach Clean’ station. You can find it outside Hythe Sailing Club, so be ready to do a beach clean next time you’re there!

The 2 minute foundation says, “We believe that simple acts can add up to make a big difference, that doing something positive is infinitely better than doing nothing, and that it is positivity, people and passion that will change our world for the better.”

Their statement could be a personal summary of India… she’s a positive, passionate person for sure!! A true eco-warrior!

I thought we all owed India a thank you, not only for providing Hythe with this piece of equipment, but for helping to protect our environment, and for continuing to raise awareness of plastic pollution around our waterways. So, on behalf of everyone in our community, I presented India with a certificate from Hythe Town Council along with a Sustainable, Vegan, Organic Cotton Jumper, designed by local artist Ewan McCaughley from https://www.deliciouscalifornia.com

It was so lovely to meet India in Person when we gave her the gift… and great to hear that if she receives some more donations, we may get a second, or even third beach clean board for other areas along our beach…

If you can spare a couple of pounds, please donate on the Go Fund Me Page: