Mayor's Blog - Town Mayor Councillor D Wade

04 July 2019

I’ve delayed blogging again until now because I was looking forward to this evening’s Hythe Town Council meeting and, particularly, the debate and decisions on motions relating to the Climate & Ecological Emergency, Reducing Plastic Waste in Hythe, establishing a Hythe Wildlife Trust, and acquiring free saplings from the Woodland Trust to be planted in Hythe this Winter.

And now I’m delighted to be able to report that all these motions were passed in the context of very helpful and positive debate, and that there will also be a Facilitation Day for Councillors with a view to bringing about even more efficient & productive working and better communication in future.

Tonight, then, set out the framework for what I hope we can all achieve together here in Hythe whilst I’m Mayor, and thereafter.

Firstly, there is the very serious recognition of the crisis that we all now face with the prospect of Climate Breakdown and the Mass Extinction of species.

Then there are practical steps to address the crisis locally, such as reducing the Council’s carbon footprint to zero by 2025, planting trees, protecting & enhancing bio diversity & abundance in Hythe in partnership & consultation with all those who want to contribute.

What could possibly be better or more important than that?

I believe Hythe can be a leader on these issues, setting an example to the whole of Kent and further afield. We’ve got the talent here and the resolve – and now we’ve also got an agreed plan.

One group that is already making a big difference in Hythe are the Hythe and District Conservation Volunteers. In the last few months, they’ve been working in the ancient quarry at Eaton Lands, improving paths and steps, clearing invasive species, building bug hotels, and removing large quantities of rubbish.

The results are absolutely stunning, revealing a magical space full of ferns, birdsong, and dappled light.

The wildflower meadow, below, is also wonderful now and well worth a visit, full of butterflies and buzzing with insect life.