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Beach And Fishing Boats 18.06.19

18 June 2019

Today was a bin day – meeting at Fishermen’s Beach with Elaine from the Romney Marsh Litter Pickers and Simon Burchell, FHDC’s Contract Management Officer for Waste Management, to discuss dog, er, waste.

People are walking their dogs on the beach, putting the, er, resulting substance in black bags & then dumping it in the winch casings.  (There’s also a litter problem in the same area.)Simon was very helpful – we’ve agreed the best place for a bin (visible both from the car park and from the beach path), and the fishermen were also, unsurprisingly, very supportive.

Then off to the High Street to inspect the bins outside the Tanning Vault and at the bottom of Market Hill which the seagulls are in the habit of raiding, spreading rubbish in all directions. It seems we may need “seagull flaps.”  The bins are also a few years old and need a lick of paint. More work for Simon, coming his way.

Anyway, here’s to Elaine & the litter pickers, giving their time & energy to keep Hythe & our district clean and beautiful – imagine what would happen to your Council Tax if it wasn’t for them.

And as for the people dropping litter and dog, er, matter on the beach…please stop it.