Mayor's Blog - Town Mayor Councillor N Slade

18 June 2020

What happened to George Floyd in America is absolutely heart-breaking; it has shaken the world and made us unite against hatred.

Millions of people are marching together, online and on foot… and no matter how big or small each anti-racist message is, it counts, it’s a part of a movement that will finally eradicate racism.

There is no place for racism in Hythe or anywhere else in the world; there never has been and there never will be. Enough is enough!

Be proud of being anti-racist… Speak openly about it with your friends, family and neighbours. Educate yourself and then those around you, by listening, watching and reading factual things about black history.

We must acknowledge and accept that attitudes need to change, and we each play a very important role in making this happen.

I’m so proud of our neighbours who made it along to the very peaceful protest in Hythe on Sunday 14th June.  This was organised by Aimee Margott, who is also the UK Engagement Coordinator at The Salvation Army.

Aimee is now working on creating a local network for Hythe & Folkestone which will help to further raise awareness, educate, connect people, and finally stamp out racism in our local communities… Watch this space, this girl’s on fire!

Dont stay silent… Be a part of making history.


Photocredit to Kent Anti-racism Network