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Carbon Footprint 20.08.19

20 August 2019

Hythe Town Council’s decision to reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2025 is giving rise to some detailed planning now.

The sub-committee mapping out how we can achieve this is  putting forward proposals to establish a baseline, our current carbon footprint, by feeding in various data sets to an online calculator. Then, as soon as we know where we are, we’ll be able to make a number of quick and significant reductions to our harmful impacts by switching to environmentally friendly energy suppliers and investing in energy-saving devices, etc.

One thing I hadn’t appreciated until recently was that this process is likely to end up saving us money rather than the reverse.

It seems our new electricity should be cheaper than the old and investment in insulation, energy-efficient equipment, and solar panels etc should bring a good return to the Council in the medium term – far better than the interest received by keeping money in the bank.

The more you think about this the more opportunities it throws up – contracts can also be weighted to account for local, social, and environmental benefits. We can reach out to form a Business Plan for HTC and for the whole of Hythe – working together, seeking feedback and ideas on how to make our town more beautiful, less polluted, and more sustainable.

I can also now share all these ideas with all the other Cinque Port Mayors and we can begin mapping out progress right across Kent – not just on reducing our carbon footprint but on other key areas such as reducing plastics, increasing tree-planting, and saving habitats and species.

As you may have surmised, I’m now becoming a bit of a wonk on this…

There are other things in Hythe and the Universe – the Mayor’s Boot Fair where we raised £700 for the Hythe Green Preservation Society – the Community Orchard – the excellent results our young people achieved in their exams – and, tomorrow, the amazing Venetian Fete – but I’m focused now like a laser – this is the big issue we’re facing and we’re making progress.