Mayor's Blog - Town Mayor Councillor D Wade

27 June 2019

Well, I’m still shaking after events at FHDC yesterday when the motion was passed by one vote to order the Executive to withdraw its application for planning permission at Princes Parade.

I was there with my District hat on & spoke in the debate.

– ’nuff said…

In other news, I’ve been meeting with leaders of Hythe’s business community in recent days and am enormously impressed by their community spirit & vision for Hythe. (Let’s remember that it’s these men & women who keep our High Street alive in cooperation with Hythe Town Council.)

There are signs now of progress on the Hythe Against Crime CCTV initiative for our High Street. Shopkeepers cannot afford to be broken into & have damage to their shops without compensation so I hope this will assist our traders & our police.

Christmas Lights is another big concern for both HTC & our business community and I hope that by working together & with the help of HTC & the Venetian Fete organisers, etc, we can put on a wonderful display for all our residents & visitors this year.

There are also exciting ideas about reducing plastic (which Cllr Hawkins is leading) and increasing bike use.

Changing topic – we also discussed child poverty at FHDC yesterday, and I’m very concerned about this issue in our area. I know Hythe is often described as being rich and prosperous etc, but the fact is that many members of our community are still marginalised here due to poverty, domestic violence, child abuse & neglect, elder abuse, drug & alcohol problems, mental illness, racism, homophobia, and so on.

My message to all our citizens suffering for these reasons is please seek help.

We have excellent services in Hythe to help you – Age UK – GPs – Churches – The Salvation Army – Women’s Aid – Alcoholics Anonymous – Citizens Advice Bureau – Social Services – Police – Teachers – Councillors and Counsellors – we are a kind and compassionate community here in Hythe.

If you’re in trouble, you are also more than welcome to come and see me, personally, here at Oaklands. I’m here to help.