2020/2021 Civic Year

Town Mayor: Councillor N Slade

Deputy Mayor: Councillor J Martin

Hythe Town Council

The Town Council consists of 16 Councillors who represent 4 wards.

Each year the Council elects a Town Mayor.

The Council conducts its business through 2 Standing Committees and a Personnel-Sub Committee that deals with employment issues.

Plans and Works Committee Membership: 

Councillors T Cullen, M Dearden, L Fraser, P Graham, J Hawkins, S McConnell, J Martin*, K Miles, P O’Connor, D Wade** and M Whybrow.

Finance and General Purposes Committee Membership:

Councillors A Dickinson, L Fraser, P Graham, J Hawkins, P O’Connor, D Owen, T Prater**, M Whybrow*, D Wade and H Williams.

Personnel Sub-Committee Membership:

Councillors P Graham*, J Hawkins, J Martin and M Whybrow**.


** Vice Chairman