Town Council Structure

The Town Council consists of 16 Councillors who represent 4 wards.

Each year the Council elects a Town Mayor.

Structure of Committees

The Council Structure (PDF)

Plans and Works Committee

The Mayor J Martin and Deputy Mayor A Jones (ex-Officio), Councillors M Dearden,  Graham, J Hawkins, S McConnell, K Miles, D Wade and M Whybrow,

Boot Fairs Allocation Sub-Committee

Councillors K Miles,P Graham and M Whybrow

Allotment Working Group

Councillors D Wade, J Martin and M Whybrow

High Street Working Group

Councillors P Graham J Hawkins, and S McConnell

Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Mayor J Martin and Deputy Mayor A Jones (ex-Officio), together with Councillors A Dickinson,  P Graham, J Hawkins, K Miles,  D Owen, T Prater, M Whybrow and D Wade

Personnel Sub-Committee

Councillors M Whybrow, J Martin, P Graham and J Hawkins

Personnel (Appeals) Sub-Committee

Councillors A Dickinson, N Slade and T Prater

The Councils Operations

Statement One

Hythe Town Council is parish council with town status since 1974. It has an overall responsibility for the wellbeing of your town and local neighbourhood. It represents your local community, delivers services and will aim to improve the quality of life for residents.

Statement Two

Hythe Town Council provides and maintains parks and open spaces, sports and leisure facilities, and contributes to local festivals and celebrations. The Council will endeavour to maintain and promote the town’s assets.

Statement Three

Councillors are elected to represent people who live in the area. Hythe Town Council is divided into four wards. The Councillors make decisions through attending and debating at meetings, deciding what activities to support, where public money is spent, what services it has the powers to deliver to the community and implements policies. Hythe Town Councillors will ensure their decisions have a positive impact on the town and it’s residents.

Statement Four

In conjunction with the Strategic Plan for Hythe, Hythe Town Council will endeavour to accelerate work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2025 and encourage others to follow suit.

Statement Five

In conjunction with the Strategic Plan for Hythe, Hythe Town Council will strive to increase leisure, local education, and development opportunities for our young people, 16 and under. Actively engage with Hythe Youth Groups to establish a Hythe Youth Parliament.

2022/2023 Civic Year

Town Mayor: Councillor J Martin

Deputy Mayor: Councillor A Jones

More information on Council Governance

Delegated Authority

Each year the local council appoints members to its sub committees. All the members of the Finance and General Purposes committee MUST be members of the Council.

Advisory committees such as working groups need have no council members at all.

A Council can arrange to have any of its functions, except the issuing of precept, exercised by a committee, which can in turn, arrange to have them exercised by a sub-committee.

A committee must consist of more than one member.

Once a committee has made a decision the minutes of its meeting is presented to full council to be ratified.

Duties and decisions can be delegated to a committee or to an officer of the Council. Individual Councillors do not have the power to make decisions.

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Statement on Engaging with the community on issues related to the environment and climate change.

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Statement on Managing the Performance of the Council as a Corporate Body

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Statement on Managing performance of staff

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Statement on Providing leadership in planning for the future of the community

Value for Money Statement