Hythe Town Council has 163 allotment gardens which are rented out at four sites –  Twiss Road, Longbridge, Horn Street and Eaton Lands (comprising Eaton Lands North, South and Meadow).  The allotments vary in size; the cost of renting an allotment is calculated at 58 pence per square metre, so the bigger the plot – the greater the rent!  Rents generally range from about £40.00 to about £150.00 per year.  In addition, there is a deposit charged which is £100.00; this is returnable if the plot is vacated and is left in good order.

Eaton Land Meadow Tenancy Agreement

Eaton Land North and South, Twiss Road, Longbridge and Horn Street Tenancy Agreement

You can apply for an allotment by contacting:

Laura Cook (Plans and Facilities Officer)

Email admin@hythe-tc.gov.uk

Phone (01303) 266152

Or call into the Council Offices at 1 Stade Street,  Hythe,  Kent, CT21 6BG

Risks on Allotment Sites

Allotments are not risk-free zones. Please carefully read this risk assessment in conjunction with your tenancy agreement to ensure you and visitors to the allotments stay as safe as possible.