In line with Hythe Town Council’s recent Declaration of a Climate & Ecological Emergency, Councillors at HTC have been supporting projects to protect Wildlife in and around Hythe, such as planting trees and wild flowers, providing homes for bees and swifts, and looking to reduce the cutting of ivy and long grass so as to support insect life.

The latest project, organised by Cllrs Doug Wade & Jenni Hawkins, involved Ecology Officers from Kent Wildlife Trust visiting Seabrook Primary School to talk to pupils about the decline in bird life nationally and locally, and what we can do to help birds and start to reverse the disastrous decline in their numbers.

Pupils were also provided with the materials to make bird boxes, dozens of which have now been put up all around Hythe to provide safe and suitable nesting paces for a wide variety of bird species.

The children will now be able to visit the boxes that they made and see the birds nesting in them, as well as the fledging of the next generation next summer.

Hythe Town Council now hopes to build on this successful scheme with other schools and community groups to support birds, bats, bees, frogs, and all manner of threatened wildlife in our area. Hythe Environmental Community Group, The Hythe Green Preservation Society, and the Bumblebee Trust are already partners with the Council to this end and more partners are eagerly sought.

If you are interested in working to protect wildlife in and around Hythe and would like to work with Hythe Town Council to achieve this, please contact admin@hythe-tc.gov.uk