Target Hardening Consultation

The reason for this is project is to deter access by the unauthorised encampments which can cost £,000’s per visit per year and reduce the huge cost of clearance and sanitisation.

Whips are high maintenance and will cost at least 3 years extra in maintenance costs.

The playing fields and allotments would not become wildflower meadows as the Grounds Maintenance team would ensure they are maintained and they should not be a hazard as they would be around the circumference of the field where there is already fencing.

The gates will be replaced much like the new one installed at the Boundary Road access to the Green. The bunds would just be small bumps around the perimeter of the grounds but big enough that larger vehicles cannot get over.

It is also much, much, cheaper than fencing and a great deterrent.

Please follow this link for further information.

This consultation will be from 01.10.22 to 09.12.22 to allow members of the public to visit the Town Council Offices in Stade Street to view the consultation and to submit comments in person.

Opening hours Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 3.30pm.

Target Hardening