April 22 is Earth Day

All round the world people are making pledges to join there movement to help our Planet Earth.

We have only one Earth… there is no Plan B!

Examples of pledges:

I pledge to:

  • Always carry a reusable bag
  • Plant wildflower seeds to help the bees
  • Have one no meat day for a month
  • Buy no new clothes for a year except shoes and underwear
  • Join volunteer groups helping the planet
  • Pick up 5 pieces of litter a day

Let us know about your pledges using the form on this page! Pledges we have received are shown below.

If you have tips please share them with us.

Send us your pledge:

Pledge from Councillor Penny Graham

I pledge (like last year) to buy no new items of clothing. If I need anything I will go to Charity shops and those selling pre-loved items. We have a wonderful selection in Hythe.

I will also double the area in the garden for bee- friendly wild flowers