About the Museum

The local history museum is based within the Town Council house, a former Doctor’s home and surgery adjacent to the Royal Military canal, and accessed via the local library.

Its collection is set out in cases or left open to handle along with detailed information boards. These take visitors through the history of Hythe from Roman times and then as a Cinque Port, with maps, furniture, costume, military equipment (linked to the Small Arms School of Musketry in Hythe for over 100 years before it was moved to Warminster), commercial, civic and social objects. Each one provides for different age groups enabling them to find inspiration, learning and enjoyment from the collection resulting in frequent re-visits and numerous related questions.

Hythe Museum is open during Library hours.

Visits will be limited to a maximum of FOUR adults or two families at any time.

You will be required to wear a mask for your visit and to maintain a social distance from others who may also be there. Hand gel and a ‘track and trace’ facility is available at the Library entrance.

Please note: Museum visits are separate to any use of the Library.
We look forward to coming along and hope you enjoy looking at our new displays.

For those collecting Wheels of Time e-badges, the code is hidden among the exhibits for you to find.

What To See

Around every corner, there’s a surprise. Wander through the museum, and you’ll see everything from ancient weaponry, gorgeous art and even an original copy of the Hythe Town seal dating back to the days of Edward III in 1337.

Have you ever walked up Church Hill and admired the flowers? Have you watched people gasp at the beauty of the town as they look back down toward the sea? We have some charming paintings and images of Hythe that show precisely why so many of our visitors never want to go home.

What did the famous Hythe ranges look like in the old days of empire in the late 19th century? We have displays of swords, muskets, rifles and other weapons from the period (all safely disabled, you’ll be pleased to know), Martello towers and an in-depth study of the influence of the Small Arms School Corps.

It’s all about Hythe
The common seal of Hythe from the time of Edward III around 1337
We’re overflowing with great exhibits – literally! We have far more local history artefacts than we have room for, and that’s a big reason why we’re aiming to expand. Come and see what we have to offer and tell us what you think by leaving a comment on this page. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Church Hill Hythe
Muldivo Der 35018 Mechanical Pinwheel Calculator
19th Century Hythe Ranges With Martello Tower
Hythe Seal

Wheels of Time

Hythe museum is part of the Wheels of Time network of over thirty museums throughout Kent. Each participating venue has a unique badge, available to collect from 1st April 2020.

Get your hands on all the badges, exclusively found at each participating museum or heritage site.

Collect Roamin’ Rex’s Badges to gain bronze, silver and even gold Awards.


Wheel of Time Logo

Wheels of Time 2021

Please see the link below for a children’s activity, where they can earn badges from the  Wheels of Time.

Wheels of Time E-Badge Poster 2021 

“If you visit the Museum claim your e-badge by finding the special Wheels of Time badge code hidden on the seat of a chair in one of the displays. Happy hunting!”

Opening Times
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10am – 4:30pm
Wednesday: 10am – 4:30pm
Thursday: 10am – 4:30pm
Friday: 10am – 4:30pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Aims & Activities
Hythe Museum was set up by Davis Oaklands Charitable Gift. Dr Davis left a will dated 17th April 1931 whereby he conveyed his property for the provision and maintenance of buildings and grounds at Oaklands, Stade Street, Hythe for the purpose of local council offices, local history room, museum, art, culture, sport and recreation.

An Ambitious Future
As the sole corporate trustee to Davis Oaklands Charitable Gift, Hythe Town Council is conscious of its responsibility to enhance and promote the museum. The council has draft plans to substantially modernise and increase the size and resources of the museum. These plans are currently going through a feasibility study, following which we will ask Hythe residents for their views.

Oaklands, Stade Street, Hythe, Kent, CT21 6BG (Access via library entrance)

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