Planning Applications

For full details on individual applications, please visit www.folkestone-hythe.gov.uk/planning

Plans and Works Meeting 06 September 2021

21/1656/FH Land to the Rear of 13 and 14 Wakefield Way, Hythe CT21 6HT – Date Received 06.08.2021

21/1638/FH Beckets, 12 Castle Road, Hythe CT21 5HB – Date Received 06.08.2021

21/1113/FH Apartment 5, Bay, 98 St Leonards Road, Hythe CT21 6HE – Date Received 10.08.2021

21/1589/FH 2 Sutherland Close, Hythe CT21 6JT – Date Received 11.08.2021

21/1693/FH 20 Castle Avenue, Hythe CT21 5HD – Date Received 11.08.2021

21/1703/FH 2A Park Road, Hythe CT21 6DH – Date Received 13.08.2021

21/1706/FH Athenree, Cliff Road, Hythe CT21 5XW – Date Received 16.08.2021

21/1723/FH 21 Naildown Road, Hythe CT21 5TD – Date Received 17.08.2021

21/1740/FH 12 Station Road, Hythe CT21 5PN – Date Received 18.08.2021

21/1056/FH 17 Alexandra Corniche, Hythe CT21 5RW – Date Received 20.08.2021

21/1755/FH 35 High Street, Hythe CT21 5AD – Date Received 20.08.2021

21/1756/FH Quorndon, Bartholomew Gardens, Bartholomew Street, Hythe CT21 5BX – Date Received 23.08.2021

21/1763/FH Setterfield House, Earlsfield Road, Hythe CT21 5PD – Date Received 23.08.2021

21/1774/FH 36 Park Road, Hythe CT21 6DL – Date Received 24.08.2021

21/1782/FH 20 Tanners Hill Gardens, Hythe, CT21 5HY – Date Received 24.08.2021

21/1787/FH 43 Seabrook Road, Hythe CT21 5LX – Date Received 25.08.2021

20/1608/FH Tanners Hill, Land adjacent to Saltwood Care Centre, Tanners Hill, Hythe CT21 5UQ – Date Received 26.08.2021

21/1750/FH/TCA Clyme House, Hillside Street, Hythe, CT21 5DJ – Date Received 26.08.2021

Conservation Areas

Instead of protecting an individual building, a conservation area seeks to preserve the character of a whole area.

For further information about Conservation Areas please visit the link below:

Conservation areas – Folkestone & Hythe District Council (folkestone-hythe.gov.uk)