Hythe Town Council Privacy Statement

In accordance with guidelines set down by NALC.

This privacy statement is intended to cover the activities of Hythe Town Council.

Hythe Town Council operates through professional staff who are employed by Hythe Town Council. Hythe Town Council works with a number of different publics and communities.

Organisations and individuals fall into one of four categories:

  • National and local government and their associated agencies
  • National and local commercial organisations
  • National and local voluntary organisations
  • Private individuals

Keeping in touch with the council’s communities is a key strategy, and the council strives to facilitate this on a daily basis.

This statement is intended to provide information about how Hythe Town Council will use individual personal data. This information is provided because Data Protection Law gives individuals rights to understand how their data is used.

Whose Data does Hythe Town Council hold?

Hythe Town Council holds personal data from a broad range of individuals from across the wider community.

Hythe Town Council is sole corporate trustee for four charities. Although they are separate corporations, their administration is all through Hythe Town Council staff, and their data protection requirements are governed by the council.

Why does Hythe Town Council hold data?

Hythe Town Council holds data in order to work with its communities. Whether as a resident or a member of an organisation, the council accepts that many parties have a legitimate interest in Hythe Town Council through their current or recent involvement with the council. All data held relates to individuals who have a pre-existing relationship with Hythe Town Council and/or an interest in its future development.

Hythe Town Council uses data for the purposes of:

  • Invitations to events
  • News provision
  • Committee Meetings
  • Annual meetings
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Commercial transactions regarding the council’s purchases or sales
  • Ensuring correct employment practice

What data does Hythe Town Council hold?

This may vary from individual to individual according to personal link with the council and their level of engagement in recent years. The data held may include;

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Partner’s name
  • Home and work contact details (addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses) Job title and employer
  • Interests and involvement with Hythe Town Council
  • Links to other family members whose data is held Access/dietary requirements
  • Bank details (only for organisations and individuals who transact with Hythe Town Council

How is the Data collected?

Generally, Hythe Town Council receives personal data from the individual directly. This may be via a form, or simply in the ordinary course of interaction or communication (such as email or phone calls).

However in some cases personal data will be supplied by third parties (for example directories of suppliers); or collected from publicly available resources.

How is the data stored and used?

The Data is stored and transmitted securely. Access is controlled and the data is used on a daily basis in a considered manner, in many different ways such as;

  • Planning events
  • Producing guest lists and invitations (e.g. to civic events)
  • Identifying and contacting speakers to address committees or full council
  • Sharing Hythe Town Council news
  • Circulating meeting papers for committee meetings and annual meetings
  • Passing on condolences and checking family connections
  • Overseeing registration and payment for events
  • Identifying individuals who may want to support a specific project
  • Providing information for obituaries
  • Historical research of individuals or families
  • Arranging volunteering opportunities

Hythe Town Council will endeavour to ensure that all personal data held in relation to an individual is as up to date and accurate as possible. Individuals should notify the town clerk of any significant changes to important information, such as contact details held about them.

An individual has the right to request that any out-of-date, irrelevant or inaccurate or information about them is erased or corrected (subject to certain exemptions and limitations under Data Protection Law): please see above for details of why Hythe Town Council may need to process your data and of who you may contact if you disagree.

Hythe Town Council will take appropriate technical and organisational steps to ensure the security of personal data about individuals, including policies around use of technology and devices, and access to systems. All staff are made aware of this statement and their duties under Data Protection Law and receives relevant training.

What communications are sent out?

Individuals will receive regular information relating to their areas of interest and involvement, and can easily stop receiving information which is no longer relevant. Communication may take the form of an email, a letter or publication. Normal communication may include:

  • Individual invitations to events and reunions
  • Newsletters and e-bulletins from Hythe Town Council relating to forthcoming activities
  • Agendas, minutes and reports relating to specific meetings
  • Publications capturing Hythe Town Council news
  • Articles relating to historical events/figures or topical issues

Is Data shared?

Data is not normally shared with external third parties. However on occasions it may be shared after consent has been sort for a legitimate reason. Some examples of these are, so an individual may;

  • Pass on their thanks or condolences
  • Enable a principal authority to contact a resident about a concern they have raised
  • Encourage individuals to volunteer for an activity

How long does Hythe Town Council keep personal data?

Hythe Town Council will retain personal data securely and only in line with how long it is necessary to keep for a legitimate and lawful reason. If you have any specific queries about how our retention policy is applied, or wish to request that personal data that you no longer believe to be relevant is considered for erasure, please contact the town clerk (contact details are below).

A limited and reasonable amount of information will be kept for archiving purposes, for example; and even where you have requested we no longer keep in touch with you, we will need to keep a record of the fact in order to fulfil your wishes (called a “suppression record”).


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What to do if you would want to find out more or make a complaint relating to data control?

Whatever an individual’s link with Hythe Town Council it is vital that they feel informed about how the council uses and controls their personal data. The staff at the council are always happy to answer questions relating to the use of data, and individuals can always request a change to the way that their data is managed or make a complaint by contacting the town clerk at:

Hythe Town Council, Oaklands, Stade Street,  Hythe CT216BG



Updated: 18  February 2018