Tree Planting in Eaton Lands Woodland/Quarry Area

During the winter months the Hythe and District Countryside Volunteers, under the authority of Hythe Town Council will be undertaking the planting of many saplings in the Eaton Lands Woodland/Quarry Area.

The work will be overseen by the H&DCV in conjunction with the Eaton Lands Hythe Allotment Society and Hythe Civic Society.

Saplings have been ordered from the Woodland Trust by Councillor D Wade (North Ward), Hythe Civic Society and ELHAS and will consist of native species including Elder, Crab Apple, Rowan, Blackthorn, Dogwood, Hazel, Hawthorn, Dog Rose, Holly, Wild Cherry, Grey Willow and Silver Birch.

Due to the loss of many Ash trees over the last two years (the result of Ash Dieback disease) the woodland has been somewhat depleted and the replanting should more than compensate for the number of trees removed whilst increasing species diversity.

The H&DCV have already begun preparing the first six designated planting areas.  Signage is in place informing residents of these activities.  Work will soon begin on preparing the areas around the Eaton Lands South allotments for hedging.