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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

Second  update, it remains challenging: Plastic Free July, Update 2

A first update, 11 days into the challenge: Plastic Free July 1st Update

Plastic free July is here!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people to be part of the solution to plastic pollution so that we can have cleaner streets, seas, and countryside.

Some of our Councillors are going to have a go at the plastic free challenge and one of us will report at the end of each week as to how we have got on.

Our fantastic local volunteer expert, Chris, has managed the feat three years running. She tells us that it’s not easy, but she managed it! We are hoping she will give us a few tips to help us on our way.

We invite you to join us by choosing to refuse single use plastics. We would love you to share your experiences on the Hythe Town Council Facebook page, whether they are triumphs or difficulties. Perhaps we have others, who may be able to help.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

We will be at the Undercroft in Hythe this Saturday 5th June from 11am – 2pm to celebrate World Environment Day. This is a day to think about how we can preserve  nature and restore it.

Come and chat to us. We will have…

  • Free activity packs for kids (beautifully designed to engage children with nature locally).
  • Information and talks about alternatives to plastic.
  • Information displays and conversation about how to live more sustainably.

World Bee Day

Thursday, 20th May 2021 is World Bee Day, a day launched by the United Nations in 2017 to celebrate bees and the crucial role they play in the world as pollinators.

The 20 May is the birth date of Anton Janša (1734–1773), a Slovenian beekeeper, who is seen as the pioneer of modern beekeeping and one of the greatest authorities on the subject of bees.

To mark this day, we will “bee” in the Undercroft from 11am to 2 pm that day.
Everyone welcome – bring flowers, honey, & all bee-related things.


Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week – Nature

This year the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is Nature, as so many people (45%) reported that last year in Lockdown, being outdoors in the natural environment was essential for their wellbeing.

It is not just being in nature but how we open ourselves up and interact with it that counts. Even small contacts with nature can help reduce feelings of isolation, research shows.

We at Hythe Town Council thought we’d put together a few ideas for you, as we are lucky enough to live in such a varied natural environment locally. You don’t have to do them in order. You might want to pick just one idea and do it every day or just try the ones that appeal. You can do them on your own or with a friend.

Monday, 10th May: Try this calming breathing exercise: It’s great if you’re stressed and perfect for those giving up smoking and suffering cravings.

What this does is to re-balance the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide. An in-balance can lead to panic attacks. The exercise literally gives you breathing space and gives your mind a break.

  • Start by sitting quietly for a few moments with your hand on your diaphragm. Notice how it rises and falls as you breathe.
  • Breathe in, counting to 4 in your mind as you do so
  • Hold your breath, also counting to 4 in the same rhythm
  • Breathe out, counting to 5 in the same rhythm.


If you suffer from shortness of breath try breathing to 3 in, 3 to hold and 4 out.

You may like to try this each day for the whole week.

Tuesday 11th May:

Befriend a tree and observe it closely: the bark, the shape of it, the buds or leaves. You may even want to hug it, or sit with your back against its firm trunk and feel the support its strength offers you. Listen to the birds and perhaps practise your breathing exercise. You may want to visit your tree several times over the week.

Wednesday 12th May: Walk along the beach. Feel the shingle beneath your feet, the wind on your face and through your hair. Watch the waves and listen to the seabirds. Sniff the air and smell that distinctive scent of the sea.

Thursday 13th May: Walk along the canal where it is greenest. Find a bench and just sit gazing at the greenery and abundance of nature. See the variety of colours and shapes of the trees. Notice the passers-by and say “hello” to them either in your mind or in reality. Send a smile to them too and wish them a happy day… again in your mind.

Friday 14th May: Find a smooth patch of grass and take off your shoes and socks. Walk very slowly in that area, feeling each part of your foot touch the ground as you go; heel to toe. Imagine energy from the ground coursing up through your body into every cell.

Saturday 15th May: Gaze at the sky and notice the colours and shapes of any clouds, or simply enjoy the deliciousness of a clear blue space with birds flying freely through it.  Notice the flight paths of the birds and imagine that kind of energy in your own body. Listen to their songs and the cries of the seabirds.

Sunday 16th May: choose your favourite activities from the list above. You may even decide to do the lot. After all…it’s Sunday!


You might also like to check out ideas at:  www.mentalhealth.org.uk


Garden Day - 09 May 2021

For so many people, gardens have helped keep them sane during the last year and have been a source of joy and comfort. This is a golden opportunity therefore to celebrate our gardens, however small, huge, neat or wild.

Some of our councillors and members of the community will be hosting a low-key, socially distanced event in the Undercroft from 12.00- 3.00pm that day.
There will be seeds to swap and for children to take home. They will be able to take a pot made from folded newspaper along with instructions on how to make one themselves, along with a French bean to plant. You can even find out too how to make a cardboard compost bin.

There will also be a display of photos and information by a local resident who is in the process of planting a wildflower paradise for insects and pollinators to feast upon.

If you have seeds or plants to donate we will be delighted… and so will the recipients.

If you feel like writing a piece about your favourite part of the garden, or a poem, or taking a photo to put up on our display screens, we would love you to print it out and bring it along on the day…or you can post it through the letterbox of our Oaklands office by midday on Friday, 7th May 2021.

Earth Day

Earth Day - 22 April 2021

“As the world returns to normal, we can’t go back to business-as-usual.”


On April 22nd please join us in making a pledge to restore our Earth. We will be at the Undercroft between 10am -1pm with information and to take your pledge.

The following week we will be planting a Hornbeam at Oaklands Park to celebrate these promises, and the difference we can make together as a community.

National Storytelling Week 21

National Storytelling Week 2021

National Storytelling Week 2021

January 30- February 6

National storytelling week takes place each year during the first week of February; it is usually celebrated with readings in libraries, cafes, bookshops, care homes, and public spaces. This year Hythe Town Council would like to celebrate by inviting people to share stories with the community online.

Stories help us to connect and learn from one another, as well being entertaining. Rarely have these things been so important as they are now, so please watch out for readings of both original and pre-loved stories on our website and social media pages between 30th January – 6th February.

Everyone has a story, if you would like to share yours with us, please email: admin@hythe-tc.gov.uk

When sending through your stories, please could you confirm that you give Hythe Town Council your consent to share your video on the Council’s website and social media pages.